2018 Super Duper Fun Day

The Flash Gordons

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is one of only 80 places in the world that has the life-saving equipment our son, Jonas, required two days after birth.

Once his doctors determined that he was battling a severe case of Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension in a Newborn (PPHN), he was transferred to Nicklaus for treatment on an ECMO machine. ECMO is a form of life support where the machine takes on the functions of the heart and lungs while the body stabilizes.

After five days on ECMO, Jonas' heart began to pump its own blood and he started on the road to recovery. While recovering in the NICU at Nicklaus, Jonas experienced the first moments that are taken for granted with a healthy child: a parent's first touch, the first taste of milk, opening his eyes, and breathing on his own.

One month after he was born, having been medicated, poked, and under the knife more than most adults will experience in their lifetime, Jonas came home. And, today, if you meet Jonas you would never know what he had been through -- he's just like any other two year old boy.

We are all stronger because of Jonas' fight during his first days of life, and that wouldn't be the case without the team at Nicklaus. The doctors and nurses who tended to Jonas around the clock treated our baby boy as if he was their own child.

Nobody anticipates having to seek care at a children's hospital, but we are blessed to have Nicklaus in our backyard. Please join us by signing up for this year's walk or making a donation of any size so that other families can access the life-saving care that Nicklaus provides.

We've set a goal of $2,416 because 2/4/16 is Jonas' birthday. With your help, we'll reach that goal and surpass it. Maybe we'll even make it to $3,416, the day Jonas came home.

Thank you, 

Becky, Lenni, Jonas + Aaron

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