2018 Super Duper Fun Day

Team Sabi for Nico's Promise

This year, we are more than thrilled to collaborate with Nico's Promise at their Super Duper Fun Day event-- an opportunity to gather all our friends and family and honor all those children who fight every day or who join us in spirit. I am completely honored to have another opportunity to spread Sabi's love while continuing to create awareness of Nico's Promise and it's incredible mission. A mission of helping families just like ours receive free counseling as they struggle through the most difficult time. And by signing up for the event, you're able to help make that happen and make a difference in the lives of so many. I truly pray that we can give hope to them and really hope you can join us to have a very memorable day. Stay tuned as we will also be selling Team Sabi for Nico's Promise shirts and sharing the link to purchase. We can't wait to meet you on November 17th. www.growingthepizarros.blogspot.com

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