IBERIABANK 7th Annual MCHF5K Run/Walk Presented by Aon

Dylan's Defenders

I am excited to share with you that the Rambarath White Family will be participating in the 7th Annual Miami Children’s Health Foundation 5K Run/Walk. We are making the commitment to support improved outcomes, better health and brighter futures for our children. We are asking you to join us to support this very important cause that is very personal to us.

After a much anticipated pregnancy, our son, Dylan Arjun Rambarath White, was born on June 22, 2014. Our joy gave way to fear and uncertainty when on the second day of his life, a nurse discovered that he had a heart murmur. Our family was devasted and in disbelief, and were so terribly afraid about the prospect of our beautiful baby boy needing heart surgery. Though he required frequent monitoring, we were able to delay the inevitable for almost two years. We found incredible care and confidence in Dr. Redmond Burke and his team at Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Just a few weeks shy of his second birthday, Dylan underwent open heart surgery, and four days later, left the hospital for the second time in his life, ready to resume being the happy, healthy little boy he is meant to be. By participating in this event, we are honoring Dylan, and the amazing doctors, nurses, and medical team who gave him a renewed chance of living a normal life.

Donations like yours will support Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and the Together For The Children campaign, and help to fund enhancements to the hospital and provide resources for research and innovation that directly impact the lives of the children and families who turn to them for hope each and every day.

Through your generosity, you are helping to position Nicklaus Children’s as a world leader and global destination for pediatric health and wellness. Nicklaus Children’s has among the highest 5-year cancer survival rate in the nation, the largest pediatric neurology program in the world, and survival rates after pediatric heart surgery that are second to none.

We hope you will join us by donating and help us reach our fundraising goal. You can donate or join the cause by using the buttons on this page.

Thank you for your support! Together, anything is possible.

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